About Eric . . . .

Eric's clients find in his counsel an experience of the mind as sacred, the body as potent and the spirit as fundamental. With over 16 years as an unlicensed psychotherapist in private practice and over 20 years as a T'ai Chi instructor with his own school, he has forged a unique integration of over 30 years of intensive study of Eastern and Western philosophies, psychologies and spiritual traditions. The breadth and depth of his experience and specialized training in spiritual disciplines and coaching methods combine with his 15 years of business experience in various forms of corporate and entrepreneurial enterprises to make him an authentic "integral" coach capable of supporting clients from all walks of life.

Years ago a client described Eric as a "stretch" rather than a "shrink" for the inspiration and transformation he fosters in their lives. Always more a mentor than a therapist, he sees each person in their infinite and intrinsic individuality, and returns his clients from their forgetfulness of Life as Mystery back to the wonder and delight of being Alive. Eric's vision and aliveness spring from his recognition that, "Existence is miracle enough."

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