Transformative Coaching
Empowering the sense and purpose of our lived life.

Out beyond ideas of rightdoing
and wrongdoing
There is a field.
I will meet you there.


There is a field . . . I will meet you there.

This well known poem of the great mystic poet Rumi well describes the context of my work presented here as a coach for both Life and ADHD, and as an instructor of T'ai Chi Ch'uan.

The Field of Possibility

Rumi's field in my work with you is the field of possibility. It's wide open, inviting any and all of yourself to meet with me there and engage whatever your challenges may be, through any one or more of the three aspects of my work: Transformative Coaching, ADHD Support, and/or T'ai Chi Ch'uan. While these are distinct areas of my practice, they mutually inform one another, providing me with multiple skills that foster a deeper appreciation of your whole being, help recover/discover your sense of purpose, and generate creative action to enhance your performance––moving from vision to results.

We are all living in a culture that traps us into doing too may things, taking on too many responsibilities, facing too many choices and saying yes to too many opportunities . . . . It is the new poverty, the poverty of our affluence. It is our famine, the famine of a culture that has chosen things over time, the external world over the inner world.

Jacob Needleman
Time and Soul: Where Has All the Meaningful Time Gone and Can We Get It Back?

Indeed . . . . Where has all the meaningful time gone . . . ?

The title of Jacob Needleman's book expresses our collective dilemma that pinpoints the very core purpose of working with a skillful coach, as well as it may in one's taking up the practice of T'ai Chi. We simply don't allow ourselves the time to notice what's consuming our attention, what rules we're obeying, or what habits we've formed that run us as if on automatic pilot––leaving behind a life lived on purpose.

I invite you to pause and meet with me to reflect on your life more deeply, find your purpose and the actions necessary to live it authentically and successfully.

About Coaching

Coaches are neither a therapist nor a spiritual teacher, but serve as an equal partner in an action oriented, collaborative partnership between coach and client that provides individually focused insight, support and practical direction to each client's life.

You might say coaching is to life inquiry what a general practitioner is to medicine. With my psychology background, awakened spiritual intelligence grounded in my T'ai Chi practice as an instructor, along with my business experience both corporate and private, I bring an integrated skill set to my Life Coaching to foster greater awareness, achieve satisfying balance and fulfilment to your life.

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